Historical Society should stay

Dan Caswell, Minot

I would like to know, first off, how a public entity like the State Fair can consider building any sort of conference center or anything else that will or could compete with local, private business. This is supposed to be illegal by N.D. statute.

Also, why do they want to keep building multi-million dollar things in a flood plain; and why do taxpayers have to keep paying for (building) things on the fairgrounds when we can never use it without paying high prices for the use of it? This has become more a commercial concern than any “for and of the taxpayer” usage.

The Historical Society & Pioneer Village has been on the property since long before it was a State Fair; and by their own admission the agreement for the Historical Society was made by an entity prior to the State Fair existing. So what gives them the power to veto something done before they even existed?

Pioneer Village/Historical Society has worked unbelievably hard and done an unbelievable job of restoring and repairing the buildings after the flood. Also, Magic City Antique Car Club has been given full control of managing the car museum part of the complex. We have exciting ideas on changing the displays very often so people won’t “see the same thing over and over.”

The State Fair and the Historical Society/Pioneer Village are both (supposed to be) here for the people and by the people. The State Fair should acknowledge the benefit of having the Pioneer Village close to their entity and enjoy the extra traffic it brings to the fair.

The Fair states that it has offered different particles of land for WCHS/Pioneer Museum. Persons should take a look at the locations of these “offered lands” most people could not find some of them with a map and GPS! Anyone with any sense at all should know that something that attracts tourists and brings revenue to our community needs to be located in a high traffic, easy to find spot. Best place? By the Fair or another museum. What would be really good, possibly, would be Railroad Museum, Air Museum and Pioneer Village all in one area but that is not feasible, especially with all the new buildings at the Air Museum and the Air Museum is not willing or able to have cars and trucks in their museum or on their property.

I have read the responses online from the Minot Daily articles on the NDSF vs WCHS and so far they are 100 percent against WCHS moving from the NDSF. I encourage more persons to write responses; perhaps would help if we contacted the governor, or got petitions circulating.