Paper is plenty liberal

Gary Wall, Bottineau

I write today in part to respond to Avis Tvedt’s letter to the Minot Daily News on Dec. 21, 2013. A letter in which she criticizes the paper for not having enough liberal viewpoints. I wonder if she has read James Liens frequent editorials and Andrea Johnson’s blogs? They are certainly not conservative by any means and Avis only has to read the comments of liberal posters on They would embarrass her, I believe.

In rebuttal, I would suggest that Liberalism/Progressivism has failed this Country and is tearing apart the very fabric this country was founded on. The results are a division that I have never seen before in my lifetime and the reason I believe, is that liberalisms is failing America. What then are its fruits that you can proudly claim?

I’ll list a few tenets of why liberalism is failing America.

Equal protection under the law is impossible under liberalism-

The constitutional principle of equal protection of all citizens under the law cannot be implemented by liberal elites whose core philosophy comes from the ten planks of Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto; the primary concept of which resides in the forced heavy progressive income tax.

Liberalism cannot protect citizens while appeasing the enemies of the culture.

American culture, long established with the standards of Judeo-Christian ethic and traditions, is replete with examples of the success of liberty and the superiority of the laws of property and limited governance. When an entity displays its belligerence to American tradition and culture, and even openly demands its destruction (as in the case of the world wide spread of Islam) Liberals are the first to defend these entities and even oppose the defenders of traditional American values.

In debt is no way to raise a responsible population-

Huge financial debts, whether personal, institutional or generational, always limit productive capacity of people. When liberal big government programs capture a generation of dependents and lead them down the path of entitlement , the individuals become not just financially indebted to their neighbors for the receipt of their looted earnings, but the psychological dependency that evolves from this dysfunctional relationship; it breeds resentment and envy which is then used to advantage by the political class in the next round of the cycle that fuel another raid on the productivity of others.

Detroit is a showcase for the liberal agenda – and now it is bankrupt. More than 50 years of control by big-government liberals and union bosses have left a once-great American city crippled and deteriorating. California is another example.

The liberal war on poverty has failed miserably.

I will add a few more Liberal failures with ObamaCare, education, unemployment and our National Debt as areas that Liberals have influence and you wonder why anyone would support their Liberal cause.

The liberal coalition of the future looks more like Greece, an advanced secular, social welfare state, than the idealized liberal glory days of FDR.

Let freedom ring.