A bowhunter’s first deer

KENMARE – The 2013 bowhunting season couldn’t have ended any better for Dianne Huff of Minot. In her first season with a bow and arrow, she harvested a white-tailed buck. The well-placed shot came after a lengthy wait in a ground blind on Dec. 15. The temperature was minus five.

“A few minutes after 5 (o’clock) a 4-by-4 whitetail walked by at only 7 yards away,” said Gary Rude, Kenmare, Huff’s boyfriend. “I was about to whisper to her if she wanted this one but she had already drawn back her bow. She did what she had been practicing all summer for. She shot her first deer with a bow!”

Rude arrowed his deer in mid-November and was determined to see Huff shoot one too.

“I lived for this, wishing nothing more than to see her have success. We went every chance we could,” said Rude.

The two bowhunters had tried their luck for 13 weekends before Huff got the shot and the deer she wanted. It put an exclamation point on several months of preparation. She acquired her first bow in June 2013 and practiced often throughout the summer. By the time hunting season arrived she was regularly hitting the mark on deer targets.

Huff saw several deer pass by her ground blind during the season, but none were positioned well enough or close enough to allow for a well-placed shot. That all changed when the perfect opportunity presented itself Dec. 15.

“She’s not bragging but I guess I am for her, a lot!” said Rude.

Huff said she is now hooked on bowhunting and can’t wait for the 2014 archery season.