Cold weather makes exercising an indoor activity

With temperatures holding steadily below zero and seemingly no real relief in sight until May or June, it might be easier just to hunker down in a warm house and under a pile of blankets and watch TV instead of doing any form of exercise.

For people who want to stay active through the winter months, however, their exercise routines are simply moved indoors.

At the Minot State University Dome, not only was it buzzing with activity on the basketball court with the men’s basketball team holding practice and members of the track team working on sprints and drills, there were also several people on the third floor walking around the track. One such person was Marie Sidener, cruising around at a brisk pace.

Sidener typically walks with her husband, Mike, but he was not there that day, and she decided that she wanted to get her walk in anyway. Normally, they walk three miles as often as they can. “About five to six days a week, usually outside,” Sidener said.

In fact, Sidener and her husband would probably have been outside Tuesday had it not been slippery. “We would also probably have been cross-country skiing, but with the recent snowfall, the paths probably haven’t been cleared off yet,” she added.

While the temperature inside a venue like the MSU Dome might remain at a constant 70 degrees with no wind and even terrain, there is a certain appeal to exercising in the great outdoors. Sidener said she and her husband enjoy the fresh air and different scenery when walking outside. “Normally you go up and down hills, so it’s a better workout outside,” she added.

“Sometimes we stop and have coffee with our friends when we walk outside,” Sidener said, citing another positive aspect for an outdoor walk. It’s a nice break, she continued, to stop at a friend’s house.

Sidener and her husband walk for the health of it and exercising also helps them sleep better. “And I’m determined because I have a vacation coming up and I have to be in tip-top shape for it.” With that determination in mind, she picked up the pace and left her fellow walking comrades, including this reporter, in the dust.