Petty politics in New Jersey

What? A high-profile politician accused of using his position to inflict retribution against a mayor of a different political persuasion??Say it isn’t so, Chris Christie.

The New Jersey governor this week fired one of his top aides and apologized for the “abject stupidity” of his staff after it was revealed that some members of Christie’s administration engineered traffic jams purposely as political payback for not supporting Christie in the last election.

Christie maintains he had no knowledge of the manufactured traffic jams, which caused major backups for four days at the George Washington Bridge in September. Emails and text messages at least suggest that Deputy Chief of Staff Bridget Anne Kelly arranged the traffic jams to punish Fort Lee Mayor Mark Sokolich for not supporting Christie in the last election. In one email from August, Kelly tells another official “Time for some traffic problems in Fort Lee.” A few weeks later, two of three lanes connecting Fort Lee to the George Washington?Bridge were closed.

Kelly was fired on Thursday.

During a press conference this week, Christie said he felt betrayed and heartbroken by the actions of some of his staff members, while reiterating that he had no knowledge of the shenanigans. Of course, consider us shocked absolutely shocked with tongue planted firmly in cheek that a politician or those on his staff would conduct themselves in such petty and vindictive ways.