Stand firm against Fair

Sharon Tranby, Des Lacs

Kudos to the Ward County Historical Society and Pioneer Village for not caving into the threats and demands of the North Dakota State Fair Board. They have been firm in their stance of being able to remain on the property they were granted in 1966.

Predating the establishment of the State Fair being located in Minot, the Historical Society was granted approximately two acres for the preservation of Ward County’s history. With lots of volunteer labor and historical gifts an interesting area was established on the fairgrounds.

After 47 years what about this small area now is of vital interest and need of the North Dakota State Fair Board? Now that the public is becoming aware of the problem, perhaps we should think about Dan Caswell’s suggestion in last Sunday’s Minot Daily News, and start a petition drive to keep the Pioneer Village and Ward County Historical Society right where it is now located. If so, sign me up!