Liberal vs. conservative

Carter Lee Matson, Glenburn

I read with interest the “Where are the liberals?” letter from the lady at Lake Metigoshe. She went into great detail as to how she has determined that the Opinion Page is of a more conservative tone than liberal. I think she is accurate in her assumption. This is a conservative state as her numbers in election results indicate, and the newspapers that publish in certain parts of our state are more conservative or liberal than other areas. And since that is true, newspapers will print in the bias it believes in. The New York Times and the Washington Post are two of the hardest left wing liberal newspapers in the country. I wonder how they got that label.

With the state of technology we have at our fingertips nowdays, if your conservative or liberal palate is not satisfied by the newspaper you’ve chosen to have delivered to your door, you can hop on the web and get all your needs satisfied. Information and opinions are abundant, just waiting to be read. To do that however will take an effort on your part. Maybe there is a government program that will assist.

In the meantime, enjoy The Minot Daily News for what you like about it. Dipping back in the past to my days of milking cows I say, you can’t get goat’s milk from a cow no matter how hard you pull. You just have to go and get a goat.