Delusional belief alive

Brad Mills, Jamestown

This is a response to Gary Wall’s letter (Dec. 29th, Paper is Plenty Liberal). In his letter, Mr. Wall digresses into a rant against liberalism that is so far off base I thought it was just a sarcastic joke at first. I’m just going to address the most ridiculous of his claims.

Wall says “I would suggest that Liberalism/Progressivism has failed this Country and is tearing apart the very fabric this country was founded on”. To the contrary, every single positive social change that has ever occurred in American history was because of liberals and progressives fighting for it, and in every instance right wing conservatives vehemently opposed it. Civil rights, women’s rights, workers rights, environmental protections, Social Security, Medicare, and on and on were all liberal causes.

Wall also said “In debt is no way to raise a responsible population” and blamed the national debt on “liberalism”. This is beyond hilarious coming from a right wing conservative. The national debt quadrupled under the administrations of Reagan and Bush I, and it doubled again during George W. Bush’s administration. Furthermore, former Vice President Dick Cheney was quoted as saying “Reagan proved that deficits don’t matter.” The bottom line is that conservatives have absolutely no credibility whatsoever when it comes to fiscal management.

In the right wing world, liberalism has become the scapegoat for everything bad in America. Conservatives can never be wrong about anything, and can never be to blame for anything, therefore they need someone to blame. Thanks, Gary Wall, for once again confirming that this delusional belief is still alive.