Done with hydrant care

Ronald Tolzin, Minot

Every winter residents of Minot are asked to help keep the fire hydrants clear. For several years I have “adopted” the nearest hydrant to my house, located across the street in Polaris Park. This year was no exception.

Early last week I once again made the effort and ensured at least 3 feet all around the hydrant was clear. Yesterday, with some of the highest temps we’ve seen in a while, and with much of the snow turned to mush, the street department decided this was a great time to come by and clear the 3-foot wide strip of snow on the west side of the street that they had skipped in previous weeks.

Once again, year after year, there is now a huge wall of solid ice blocking the hydrant, so solid my equipment won’t even put a dent in it. There has been zero consideration from the plow operators in assisting us with the efforts. They couldn’t even be bothered to drop the gate as they went by.

I’m done.