About that new Grille

Wayne Whitty, Minot

In respect to David Betting’s letter to the editor (01/05/14) regarding the new Ramstad school, I must say I was quite amused that someone could not find a more productive way to occupy their idle time than to get so emotional about the use of the word “Grille.” As pointed out in “Grammarist” (an online English grammar and usage site) “Grille is often used instead of grill in restaurant names-e.g., Salt Creek Grille, O’Connell’s Irish Pub & Grille, Arooga’s Grille & Sports Bar.” Just a few more of the hundreds of examples would be: Capital Grille Restaurants in Washington D.C,, Philadelphia and New York, Black Pearl Restaurant and Grille, Foster’s Grille, Mahoney Grille etc.

It’s just a fun and contemporary word for restaurant in a fun and contemporary new school. Maybe had the new “Ramstad Grille” been called “The Ramstad Cafeteria Line” Mr. Betting would not have lost sleep nor had the opportunity to “diss” the auto body tech students for the spelling. Ramstad Grille! Really!