Road work season never ends

Do you want the good news first or the bad news?

As road work continues around the city of Minot, the Sixth Street Southwest underpass is close to being reopened, at least temporarily. Meanwhile, preliminary work has begun on the Broadway Bridge, a project that will continue through 2015.

First, we’ll simply be glad when the Sixth Street Southwest underpass is reopened, even though we know it will be temporary. The underpass will be closed for a few weeks again this spring while the project is complete. But after having the road closed for months, we’ll take anything we can get, especially with the Broadway Bridge project getting under way.

The Broadway project will take place in 2014 and 2015. The southbound lanes will be reconstructed this year, with the northbound lanes replaced in 2015. There will also be other repairs and changes made to the bridge, which includes a 1,000-foot span. We know the work is necessary, but having Broadway’s busy traffic flow interrupted while still having the Sixth Street Southwest underpass closed creates constant traffic concerns for drivers. Opening the underpass for good later this spring will help alleviate some traffic issues, but the situation will be tenuous while both routes are under construction.

The good news? One vital traffic route in Minot will soon be reopened, albeit temporarily. The bad news? A portion of the main artery in Minot will be affected for the next two years. These days, the North Dakota construction seasons seem to get longer and longer every year.