District Courts

District Court – Ward County

Friday Dispositions

Aggravated reckless driving Steven Richard O’Connell, Douglas, $300 court fee, $25 victim-witness fee, restitution to be determined, obtain chemical dependency evaluation, one year, first serve 315 days, two years probation, also drove with suspended or revoked license, 30 days, credit for four days, time consecutive for both counts.

Criminal mischief Michael Philip Allard, 24, 821-10th Ave. NW, $250 fine, $300 court fee, $955 restitution, $25 victim-witness fee, restitution is joint and several with Joel Clifford.

Duty upon striking unattended vehicle Karen Marie Woiwode, 46, 1824-6th St. SW, $175 fine, $300 court fee, $87.96 restitution, $25 victim-witness fee.

Issuing a bank check with insufficient funds Ronald L. Martinson, 47, Jamestown, $300 court fee, $216 state costs, $25 victim-witness fee.