Costly health care

For the past couple of years, senior citizens have been warned that part of the federal government’s takeover of the health care system involves massive cuts to the Medicare program. Some liberals in favor of programs such as Obamacare have said those making such warnings were not being honest.

Judge for yourself: Many senior citizens already have been notified the premiums they pay for Medicare Advantage health insurance are going up – because of a 2 percent cut in federal reimbursements to insurance companies and health care providers.

All told, the reductions amount to about $150 billion and will affect millions of older Americans, including thousands right here in our area.

Some insurance companies have chosen not to increase premiums, as we reported a few days ago. Instead, they will reduce payments to doctors, hospitals and other health care providers. That will mean a lower quality of care for some senior citizens. It may result in some providers deciding not to accept Medicare Advantage patients at all.

Cuts in Medicare spending are not officially part of the Obamacare law. But they are a tactic in the liberal strategy to force Americans to accept health care quality and costs as dictated in Washington.

President Barack Obama likes to brag he has made health care more affordable. Not for senior citizens, he hasn’t.