Tioga voters approve school bond issue

TIOGA Tioga voters voted Thursday in favor of a $9.925 million bond issue to pay for new school construction and renovation.

School business manager Ronda Rudnik said the unofficial vote was 218 in favor and 81 against. The bond issue passed with a 72.9 percent majority. Bond issues require a 60 percent or greater majority vote to pass.

The bond issue, along with other available funds, will pay for construction of a new cafeteria and kitchens and three new classrooms at Central Elementary. The new construction is designed to be adjoined to the existing elementary building via a hallway from the gym foyer towards the east. A large set of commons bathrooms, kitchen, cafeteria and three classrooms (second story), with mechanical and limited storage space is also included. The current kitchen and cafeteria are not up to fire code.

Rudnik said other work will be done on the kitchen and lunchroom at the high school.

Like other schools in the western part of the state, Tioga has seen increased student enrollment due to ongoing growth related to the oil boom.

Andrea Johnson