School debate continues

Let the discussion begin again.

Members of the Minot school board plan to ask voters to approve a smaller bond issue before May 15.

District business manager Scout Moum said at a board meeting this week that while no firm dollar amount has been proposed yet, the board expects the figure to be approximately $35 million to $40 million. The scaled-down request would fund a new elementary school in southeast Minot, additions to Perkett and Edison elementaries as well as safety and security measures at some schools in the district. The district has been approved for a $20 million loan from the state, but must notify the state by May 15 if it will accept the loan.

District officials maintain that overcrowding remains a pressing issue at the elementary school level, with 21 portable classrooms in use, with Washington Elementary having the most portables. The district had 7,438 students enrolled as of Thursday.

Our hope is that the next few months are full of public, meaningful, fact-based discussion on the future direction of the Minot Public School District, from both supporters and opponents of the bond issue.