Society vs. Fair Board

Sue Bergan, Burlington

When you purchase a new car do you say yes I will take it, without first finding out what the price is? Do you drive it off the lot without signing a contract or giving them a check for the purchase?

When you purchase a home do you move in before you find out the price, get financing and sign a contract?

I sure would not buy a car if the dealer told me it costs some dollars but we can worry about that after you say yes and sign your name. I would not move into a home if the Realtor said “Oh, just move in and sign your name here, we will worry about the price later.”

The N.D. State Fair Board and the Minot Lead Group expect the Ward County Historical Society to do just that. They say here is a couple different spots you can move to, we have some money to help you move. But they never define the offer. They never say what some means. Does some mean here is a lot that is free to your village or does it mean it costs a million dollars? Or maybe some means we will shut the door as you leave.

Until offers are written and completely defined how can the board of the Pioneer Village even consider them. Is the Pioneer Village board being stubborn and uncooperative? They believe they have a right to be where they are and carry on business as usual. They believe they should be allowed to have the Pioneer Village open and service the community without being harassed. They prefer to wait and see if the courts say this is correct. If it is ruled not correct then the Pioneer Village will look at offers of help, but these offers need to be written down and the terms need to be defined.