Treats for beasts

Members of the Minot State University Student Government Association spent part of Tuesday afternoon making sweet treats for the wolves, bobcats, giraffes and other beasts at Roosevelt Park Zoo.

Students rolled out dough and cut them into different cookie shapes, which would then be baked in ovens.

Renee Escherich, education coordinator at the zoo, said the animals love the treats. She also welcomes the opportunity to build a stronger relationship with Minot State and to encourage volunteers.

“There are so many different ways to volunteer (at the zoo),” said Escherich.

Student association president Josh Sandy said student government members have done different community service projects throughout the year.

“SGA’s project with the zoo was set up through the Center for Engaged Teaching and Learning Office on campus and was a unique opportunity to help out,” said Sandy.

Sandy said Center for Engaged Teaching and Learning puts on Days of Service projects every year. These dates usually fall on Sept. 11 in the fall semester and on Martin Luther King Jr. Day in the spring semester, said Sandy.

Sandy said SGA is planning its annual Pennies for Patients carnival to be held on Jan. 28, from 6 to 8 p.m. in the MSU Dome. Last year the event raised $3,852.53. This year, Sandy said they hope to raise $5,000, which will take 500,000 pennies.

“It’s a great event for the community and children and parents really enjoy it,” Sandy said.