Charges being sought in child’s death

KENMARE Charges are being considered by the Ward County State’s Attorney’s office against a possible perpetrator or perpetrators in the death of a 13-year-old boy in Kenmare on Jan. 12.

Very few details are being officially released regarding the state of the child’s body when found in the home.

“A resident was found dead by his mother in a private home,” said Capt. Bob Barnard of the Sheriff’s Department in a phone interview soon after the body was found.

“We immediately dispatched a couple of our detectives to work with the Kenmare Police Department to investigate this,” said Ward County Sheriff Steve Kukowski in a Wednesday interview. “We’re working very closely at this time with the Ward County State’s Attorney, Roza Larson, and we’re furnishing all the interview statements, all of the information to the state’s attorney’s office and we’ll rely on them for a decision (on charges) in what we hope is the very near future.”

Kukowski said that the death is not the first thing to draw attention to the home. He said that Ward County Social Services conducted an investigation on the status of the home, where the child and other children in the home are said to have been home-schooled.

A supervisor with Social Services was unavailable late Wednesday afternoon to confirm the date of or the nature and scope of that investigation.