Class warfare: Who are victims?

We hear a lot these days about class warfare. And we hear about it mostly from those who have long ago won the war, those in the top one percent or point one percent income group.

They are the ones whining and complaining. They are the victims.

How can this be?

The poor little rich people, they are increasingly being called.

Compare them with the rich people during and after WWII. They didn’t whine and complain. They pitched in. They paid taxes at 90 percent or above for 20 years, the highest at 94 percent, with one year dipping into the 80s.

And look what they helped us accomplish: paying off war debts, financing the G.I. Bill that grew the middle class we are now losing, and building the freeway system that we are failing to maintain, to mention a few things.

These days we seem unable to do anything collectively. We are divided, partisan to an extreme and disabling degree. It is us versus them like probably never before.

Fomenting this division are radio and TV shows that are mainly whining and complaining about warfare against the upper class.

If we had had today’s level of media penetration into our lives back in the ’40s and ’50s, we may not have paid off any war debts, developed the middle class and built the freeways.

(James Lein is a community columnist for The Minot Daily News)