Following the debate

Rodney Arnold, Sawyer

I have been following with interest the debate between the State Fair Board and the Ward Country Historical Society.

My grandfather was Joseph E. Stoa from Carpio. He was one of the founders of the historical society back in the 1950s. He worked hard and tirelessly in the beginning of what is now an attractive historical collection from the early days of Ward County. He was so very proud of all those early achievements. He felt that it was very important to preserve the history of our past as those memories are too easily forgotten.

Today’s generation are not being taught much about the hard work and living conditions that our ancestors had to deal with. The display by the historical society should be a good reminder of our past. For the fair board to show so little compassion and understanding of our past and all of the hard work and volunteer labor that it took is really sad. For them to issue this ultimatum is not even reasonable. The way the fair board is acting makes them look like the big bully that they seem to be. If they manage to kick the historical society from the fairground property they would be successful in destroying the efforts of my grandfather and many others that worked so hard to create. The cost of moving to another location would be beyond the capabilities of this small volunteer organization. What better place to show off our heritage and the history of the Minot area. The use of this property should be an asset to the State Fair. They should promote it and not try to get rid of it to replace it with a road or a large convention center. What is the urgency in this matter? Is there something we are not being told. It makes little sense to me to build a large facility like that in the flood plain. Also, where is that money coming from to pay for that.

In closing, I wish the fair board was an elected board and not an appointed board that would be responsible to the people of the Minot area. I would also like to see the names, addresses and phone numbers of the board published in The Minot Daily News so we can contact them. It sure would be nice if this matter could come up for a vote. I don’t believe that the Big Bully would be successful.