Releases from Lake Darling Dam being reduced

The amount of water being released from Lake Darling Dam into the Souris River was reduced Friday from 250 cubic feet per second to 100 cfs. According to Refuge Manager Tom Pabian, Souris River releases from Saskatchewan reservoirs will soon be 10 cfs. Lake Darling is expected to make similar reductions in the days ahead pending no major snow events.

The level of Lake Darling was 1,595.95 feet Saturday. The reservoir is required by International Agreement to be no higher than 1,596.00 feet on Feb. 1.

According to United States Geological Survey readings, the flow in the Souris River entering North Dakota was slightly less than 100 cfs and declining late this past week. The USGS recorded an approximate flow of 250 cfs at Minot’s Boy Scout Bridge early last week, but those flows are expected to decline due to decreased flows exiting Lake Darling.