City launching Disaster Recovery Program

The City of Minot has developed a program to assist landlords with small residential properties that received significant damage from the 2011 flood.

The program will provide forgivable loans to repair damages caused by the flood and, when necessary, to reconstruct properties. In exchange for the full forgiveness of the loan, property owners will lease their properties to low- to moderate-income households at affordable rates for a required period.

Participating properties must meet current City of Minot zoning ordinances and may contain up to four dwelling units within the structure. Owners of properties that are vacant as a result of demolition can seek assistance in reconstructing rental property. Properties must be located outside the city’s 100-year flood plain and “flood control” footprint. The program will prioritize property owners with a household income that meets the federal Department of Housing and Urban Development’s low-to-moderate income guidelines.

The program will provide interest-free, five-year forgivable loans to assist with rehabilitation and reconstruction activities. The maximum loan amount for rehabilitation or reconstruction of a single-family property is $75,000. The maximum amount allowed for rehabilitation or reconstruction of a duplex, tri-plex or four-plex is $75,000 plus $50,000 for each additional unit, not to exceed a total award of $175,000. An additional $15,000 is available to assist income-eligible owners if they are an occupant of the property.

The household income limits are adjusted annually and currently are as follows: $37,250 for one person; $42,600 for two people; $47,900 for three people; $53,200 for four people; $57,500 for five people; $61,750 for six people; $66,000 for seven people; and $70,250 for eight people.

Affordable rent per unit, as set by HUD, cannot exceed: $456 for an efficiency; $486 for a one-bedroom; $641 for a two-bedroom; $945 for a three-bedroom; $983 for a four-bedroom; $1,130 for a five bedroom and $1,278 for a six-bedroom.

Program applications will be accepted over the next 60 days. They can be obtained online from the City of Minot’s web page at ( They also can be obtained from the CDM Smith disaster recovery office in Arrowhead Shopping Mall or by calling 837-5813.

The program is funded through a Community Development Block Grant-Disaster Recovery allocation.