Making the move from Minot

Minot’s old fire training tower could be making the move to Burlington.

The Minot City Council’s Public Works and Safety Committee voted Wednesday to recommend the council approve the donation of the tower to the Burlington Fire Department at the department’s request.

The Burlington department would be responsible for having a licensed and bonded contractor move the tower.

Burlington Fire Chief Karter Lesmann said the move still hinges on approval from the City of Burlington to locate the tower outside of town on city-owned land. The department doesn’t have a final cost for moving the tower but does have funds available to cover any expenses, he said.

Minot’s new fire training tower is available for use by neighboring departments. However, the Burlington department is interested in having its own tower for make-up trainings.

“It’s a shame to see it get torn down if it could be used by several others,” Lesmann said.

The training tower, built in about 1985 just south of the Minot airport, was not included in the move when the Minot Fire Department relocated its training facility due to the planned expansion of the Minot terminal and parking. A new training tower was built last year at a location along the U.S Highway 2 & 52 Bypass, east of Maysa Arena. A burn building was moved in one piece from the airport site to the south location. The department hopes to have the new training area operational by the end of February.

The training tower and a burn building had been the main features of the original training facility, which had been constructed to resemble situations firefighters might encounter when called to action in Minot.