District Court

Ward County

Friday Dispositions

Simple assault Richard Douglas Hudson Jr., 44, 150-41st Ave. SE, Unit 107, $200 fine, no contact with other party, 10 days, also criminal mischief, $200 fine, $300 court fee, $25 victim-witness fee.

Drove or in actual physical control of a motor vehicle Matthew Aaron Kohl, 36, 1505 N. Broadway, Unit 207, $500 fine, $225 court fee, $25 victim-witness fee, obtain chemical dependency evaluation, attend victim impact panel, turn in plates, five days, credit for 10 days.

Failure to appear after release – bail jumping Lester Robert Phillips, 54, 315-3rd St. NW, $500 court fee, $525 attorney fee, $25 victim-witness fee, 13 months, credit for 39 days, first serve 39 days, two years supervised probation, also drove with suspended or revoked license, $100 fine, $225 court fee, $25 victim-witness fee, four days, credit for four days.

Drove with suspended or revoked license Erik Christopher Mott, 25, 13180-3rd St. SW, $100 fine, $225 court fee, $25 victim-witness fee.

Possession of drug paraphernalia Amity Rose Ellynn Burkle, 19, 1105-5th Ave. NW, $300 court fee, $25 victim-witness fee.