Making marijuana sales easier

It is a shame President Barack Obama does not have the same level of concern for most businesses that it does for those in the marijuana industry. Obama, in addition to his recent comments supporting state-level legalization of recreational marijuana use, seems determined to help those involved in the trade.

Use of marijuana for recreational purposes has been legalized in Colorado and Washington, though it remains a crime under federal law. Attorney General Eric Holder has revealed plans to change rules that ban most banks from doing business with marijuana dealers.

Marijuana dealers need to have access to banks so they won’t have large amounts of cash lying around, Holder explained.

Good heavens. It is one thing for Obama to encourage use of marijuana. It is another for him to order that federal laws making marijuana use illegal will not be enforced in Colorado and Washington. But it is taking the White House policy of aiding and abetting another giant step by actively helping marijuana dealers through actions such as the bank rule change.

Clearly, Obama has forgotten his oath to enforce federal laws, not to mention his responsibility to millions of young Americans. What next? Agriculture Department advice on how to grow marijuana?