Preserve the village

Sharon Tranby, Des Lacs

The N.D. State Fair Board has served its eviction notice on the Ward County Historical Society’s Pioneer Village. A large segment of the population opposes this action.

Why would the N.D. Fair Board risk losing respect and alienating the public with their quest for the small amount of ground the Pioneer Village has occupied since it was incorporated in 1953. There sure are more beneficial uses for the state’s money. Remember, Fair Board, you too are occupying state-owned land.

The long range goals as stated in The Minot Daily News, are at best many moons in the future and could certainly be subject to change without public and state support. As for current needs mentioned like parking space for racing events it is a bit nebulous.

Once the Pioneer Village is moved it will no doubt be gone forever. There should be some way, by working side-by-side, the village and the N.D. Fair Board could develop a vibrant and exciting exhibit of both past and present.