Local AFB impact

Minot Air Force Base has an economic impact of $583.9 million to the local economy in fiscal year 2013. That’s an increase of more than $61 million compared to the fiscal year 2012 report.

Lt. Col. Jorge Jimenez, commander of the base’s 5th Comptroller Squadron, gave the base’s economic impact report at the Minot Area Chamber of Commerce’s Military Affairs meeting Thursday in the Vegas Motel in Minot.

The report is prepared each year by the comptroller squadron’s Budget Office to inform community leaders and others of the significant economic impact that Minot AFB has on the local area in terms of payroll, purchases and jobs created.

Minot Air Force Base is the only base with dual nuclear-capable wings the 5th Bomb Wing with its B-52 bombers and led by Col. Alex Mezynski, and the 91st Missile Wing with its Minuteman III intercontinental ballistic missiles and led by Col. Robert Vercher.

The Minot base has a total of 12,996 personnel, Jimenez said. That number is comprised of active-duty military members and their family members, reservists, appropriated fund civilians, and non-appropriated fund contract civilians and private businesses on base.

Expenditures for construction, services and procurement of materials equipment and supplies for the base in fiscal year 2013, which ended Sept. 30, 2013, were a total of $127.1 million.

Of the $127.1 million, $70.8 million was for construction including military construction program, $1.2 million for military family housing and $31.7 million for operations and maintenance

Services contracts amounted to about $19.2 million.

Materials, equipment and supplies procurement for the commissary, base Exchange, health, education, temporary duty and other miscellaneous items totaled about $37 million.

Jimenez said 2,117 additional indirect jobs were created in Minot with an estimated annual dollar value of about $93.7 million in fiscal year 2013. The average annual pay was $44,252.

The local area has 1,356 military retirees and the majority (1,152) of them are Air Force retirees. The gross payroll for the military retirees is about $29.5 million. The statistics for military retirees are provided but are not included in the report.

“It is fairly safe to say that Minot Air Force Base will continue to have a positive impact on the economy of our community in FY14 and beyond,” Jimenez said.