Economic impact growing

The numbers continue to be staggering:?Minot Air Force Base added $583.9 million into the local economy in fiscal year 2013, the largest economic impact in the base’s history.

The past few years have seen some fluctuating figures, but have also continued to display a general growth pattern:

2008: $382.8 million

2009: $474 million

2010: $513.7 million

2011: $493.3 million

2012: $522.6 million

The annual report, presented this past week at the Minot Area Chamber of Commerce’s Military Affairs Committee meeting, is yet another strong reminder of the important role played by Minot Air Force Base in the economy of Minot and the surrounding area. The annual payroll for military members, federal civilians and other civilians in fiscal year 2013 was more than $363 million.

Much of that money is, of course, spent in local businesses, from restaurants to gas stations to hotels to clothing stores to hardware stores to grocery stores. The impact of the base and its personnel is evident in every section of Minot’s economy, and we expect the close relationship between the city and the base to continue well into the future.