Changing traffic

Doug Rued, Minot

Our traffic situation in Minot has definitely changed. Traveling through the city you see license places from many different states. Being in the insurance business I have also witnessed a significant increase in auto claims as a direct result of the traffic density. We can all move around safely if a little common sense is used. I have listed several items that apply to our area that you may not be familiar with or have learned previously.

1. The green left and right arrows on your dash are not driver indicator lights to be turned on giving notice of a completed turn. They are actually connected to the vehicle turning signal light which you should activate at least 100 feet before starting a turn so other drivers are given notice of your intentions.

2. Our area electric utility companies do not charge for usage of vehicle lighting systems. It’s OK to have your vehicle headlights turned on in the fog, snowstorm, rain, darkness or other low visibility situations.

3. The red octagon STOP signs are not implying to the function of your brain activity. They actually mean the wheels on your vehicle should completely stop rolling at the point where the sign is located.

4. Our three-light intersection means green is go; red is stop; yellow is actually caution and not go like hell.

5. Seeing flashing red lights in your rear view mirror does not mean the vehicle behind you is going backward. It is most likely an emergency response unit that requires you to move over and allow them to proceed. Remember someday you might be the one they are responding to.

6. The blue signed and painted parking areas don’t apply to your driving ability. They are actually there for folks with physical disabilities.

While there are more items that could be mentioned, just using common sense in applying these to your day behind the wheel will make of our travels a little more enjoyable.