Leave the village alone

Richard Reuer, Minot

It breaks my heart to see how the Magic City of Minot has changed so much in the last six years since I have moved back home to live with my older brother.

I’ve been in places where larger communities have these types of problems where they want to rid people out of places that have become so widely known throughout their state. If it’s not those who want a cross taken down from the top of Mt. Soledad in San Diego, Calif., because certain groups are offended by it, not even caring that the cross was erected as a memorial to our World War II veterans, to a city like Minot fussing over a piece of property that holds our ancestry history, which people are able to see what history was like back then.

Isn’t it about time the we, the people, of Minot be allowed the right of our family heritage and history to be a part of the State Fair. Why should a certain elect group have power to force Pioneer Village off the grounds? What is their real motive? I haven’t really heard anything that would be of more value in our family heritage and history here in the city of Minot that the State Fair Association is claiming; other then wanting to expand on an area that has been there for many decades. What would Chester Reiten say to the State Fair Association if he were still alive? Now that he is gone, does that give the State Fair Association full power to move Pioneer Village out?

It seems that Minot “people power” has caused many residents and businesses to leave the Magic City because of the greed of money through the oil production. Well, let me say that one day those oil wells will dry up and no jobs will be available to anyone, then what will happen to Minot?

Let’s wake up Magic City and bring the Magic that people remember Minot ever being. We don’t need to be like other big cities, as they have enough troubles in their cities the way it is. Let’s not bring their viruses to our city.

My prayer for Judge McLees is that he would ask God for wisdom, just like Solomon did when he was king. And that he would look at this problem to find what solution would be best for the people of Minot and all those who come to many of the events held at our State Fairgrounds.

Our State Fair Association should maybe reconsider their powers and position as an association to the State of North Dakota and not to their standards.

They are the same type of people who forced people out of their homes because they could not afford to pay the increased cost of rent, when even their paychecks could not afford them because it was not from the oil production.

I believe that the powers to be have created a nightmare over the oil production and have given the oil workers a bad name, and they too are suffering. It’s not their fault, they did not ask landlords and hotels to skyrocket prices so that only those who could afford it would be able to receive their services and kick out those who are not able to meet the high costs and move out completely.

I didn’t want to make this a battle against the oil workers and State Fair Association, but we need to stop and take off the blinders and see what we are doing to the people here in Minot.

No one has even asked the people of Minot how they feel about the eviction of Pioneer Village. Where is our voice? Doesn’t it count?