Stop abusing welfare system

Nancy Bommelman, Minot

I would like to know how come people are coming from another state and living off our system? They are coming from every state in the country and are on welfare. I know a lady who has six children from Idaho. She’s up here with her boyfriend who works in the oil fields. The county can’t claim his income because they are not married and she didn’t claim his income. He is living with her and is sucking the system dry. Don’t you think that the welfare people could go there in the middle of the night and say, “I thought he wasn’t living here with you.” At that point, cut them off. There are 1,000 jobs available in Minot right now, get off your happy butt and go to work!

I am all for helping people out, but there is a limit. This is getting out of hand and it’s not getting any better. Why can’t I live off welfare? Why can’t we all live off welfare? Sit around all day and not work and let the money come to us.

Before the county signs these people from out of state up for all the benefits take them to Job Service and say “here, this is where the jobs are.” There is no excuse for not having a job here in the state. Why come up here and live off our state taxes?

The money we can save by making these people get a job we can use that money for the greater good. If you are that lazy and don’t want to work, then why come up here? Go back to your broke state and stay there.