Minot cruiser ‘totaled’ in January accident

A Minot police cruiser was considered totaled in an accident Jan. 28. at the intersection of 16th Street and 11th Avenue Southwest in Minot.

Damages to the cruiser, a 2013 Ford Police Interceptor, were estimated by the North Dakota Highway Patrol to be $22,000.

According to a crash investigation performed by the Highway Patrol, Minot police officer Taylor Roe, 23, of Burlington, had her emergency lights and sirens activated en route to a medical emergency shortly after 7 a.m. as she approached the intersection while driving southbound on 16th Street. A witness reported that while she did slow at the intersection, she proceeded through the red light and struck a 2009 Toyota Highlander SUV driven by James Murphy, 63, of Minot, on the driver’s side wheel.

No injuries were reported but Murphy’s vehicle had $5,000 in estimated damages.

Roe was cited for driving through a red light.

Sgt. Derek Arndt of the Highway Patrol said in an interview that while police are able to go through red lights in an emergency, it is more akin to “asking for the right-of-way” and is not guaranteed. He added that due to the specifics of the intersection and the fact that it was still dark at that time, “it was difficult for him to see and difficult for her to see, as well.”

Police spokesman Capt. John Klug said there is no internal disciplinary action planned for Roe.