Gunshots in Ward County

Somebody is shooting up occupied dwellings in rural Minot and authorities want to know who.

The Ward County Sheriff’s Department is investigating shootings into various buildings in the county over the past 10 days. Nine people total live in the three homes that were shot and one shop building has also been hit.

There have been no injuries.

The four buildings are located in the 2300 block of 55th Street Southeast, the 1500 block through the 1900 block of 72nd Street Southeast and the 10000 block of Ward County Road 15 West.

“They seem to be random. There’s nothing to indicate that they were specifically targeted,” said Lt. Larry Hubbard of the sheriff’s department.

While they may not have been specifically targeted, investigators are considering them connected due to the specifics of the shootings. While the three homes were shot with 9-mm weapons, the shop was struck with .45 caliber rounds. That is the only difference, he said.

Two bullets were shot into bedrooms during the night. Although nobody was shot, one person was simply lucky due to illness.

“The person who was supposed to be sleeping in the area of the bullet was feeling ill and was sleeping on the couch,” Hubbard said. “So if they hadn’t been feeling ill they could have been hit and severely injured or worse.”

One resident in particular is very “distraught” over the incident, Hubbard added, because one bullet struck only a few feet from her. He said that she is scared to enter that room and to have her grandchildren around.

Of the nine residents of the three homes, none are small children. There are some teenagers and young adults and one home has an adult child with elderly parents living with her.

There are no suspects or witnesses in the case and authorities ask that anyone with information in the matter call the sheriff’s department at 857-6500 or the Crime Stoppers Hotline at 852-7463. Information leading to an arrest in a case may result in a cash reward up to $1,000.