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SETTING A FINE EXAMPLE How’s this for disturbing behavior: Media outlets from?Fargo reported this past week that adults attending a youth hockey tournament in?West Fargo got into a locker room fight. Yep, at a tournament held for Mites, which are hockey players ages 7 and 8, a set of parents and an opposing team’s coach had a dispute that ended with one man with a cut lip and a black eye. The two teams playing were both from Canada. The adults involved were ejected from the building before police arrived, and no one wanted to press any charges. Well, how’s that for setting a fine example for the youth of today. Hey, kids, look at your teammate’s parents fighting with the other team’s coach! Now, let’s go out there and play with good sportsmanship. We realize sports are competitive, but the competition is supposed to be among the players, in this case, on the ice, not among the supposed adults in the stands. To say we are disappointed and embarrassed for all those involved would be a gross understatement.

CAR THIEVES We’re not sure what a rash of car thefts would look like, but there have been several vehicles stolen in the Minot area in recent weeks. Turns out, according to local law enforcement officials, that most of the vehicles were stolen when they were left running, unlocked and unoccupied. Well, that seems easy enough to remedy. We trust that residents reading about the latest short string of vehicle thefts will adjust their behavior patterns. Obviously, leaving your vehicle running and unlocked shouldn’t be automatically punishable by having your vehicle stolen, but apparently there are those who are taking advantage of the situation. Taking simple precautions will certainly help.