Against more property tax

Derald Larson, Minot

Another school bond vote is coming but I do not agree that taxing property is the right way to raise the money. The need is caused by the oil boom in North Dakota and the many children of people who moved to Minot for the jobs. Our state is oil rich from the production tax and the mineral acres owned by the state. Many of these acres were taken from farmland lost to the Bank of North Dakota in the 1930s and when the farmers made money in the 1940s the state held back 50 percent of the minerals when the loan was paid back.

Oil development has caused the need for bigger schools and I feel the money in Bismarck should cover the need for extra school space.

Until this happens, I support a “no” vote on a bond issue to tax our houses and other property.

I hope I do not sound like I got up this morning on the wrong side of the bed, but I have one more complaint.

Some people think our State Fair should be partly dismantled and changed into a large convention center on land where the water stood about 10 feet deep in 2011.

The livestock buildings make up a large part of the fair as well as a display of our heritage. The efforts of people restoring Pioneer Village after the flood deserves better than to be told to get out.

Let’s save many taxpayer dollars by leaving Pioneer Village and the livestock building where they are.