Answer to our prayers

Glory Kramlich, Minot

The article on Feb. 1, with the wonderful picture of our young people from Bishop Ryan and Grand Forks at the March for Life in Washington, D.C., was a joy to see and read about.

Truly their cheeks were “like roses and their noses like cherries” on that very chilly day of the picture.

This past Saturday, Feb. 8, there was an article written by Erin MacLeod about having attended this year’s March for Life with a group of students from Bishop Ryan High School and other Catholic schools in North Dakota. Her title was “Anticipating an end to an annual march” because “one day in the not too far off future this won’t be an issue anymore.”

Erin, you also said a most blessed additional statement: “We are the pro-life generation and it shows.”

Of the many “old timers” out here, those who mobilized to defeat the legalization of abortion in North Dakota in 1972, only to have the Supreme Court whip out our valiant efforts just two months later, January 1973, you, Erin and your generation, are an answer to our prayers. Our prayers will continue for you as you seek to make abortion not be “an issue.”

Our Constitution provides for limiting the appellant jurisdiction of the Supreme Court and maybe we can again seek to use our most precious Constitution to do that, limit the jurisdiction of the Supreme Court, while we too seek to repeal this unspeakable ruling of our highest court.