Why are you in D.C.?

Ronald O.J. Carlson, Bismarck

Dear Senators Heidi Heitkamp and John Hoeven and Representative Kevin Cramer:

May I ask why are you in Washington? What is your function(s) as seen through your eyes?

I ask cause I no longer understand your roles.

President Obama told the Russians to ask Putin to give him some slack and that he would have more “flexibility” during his second term. He no longer needs you. He is selecting which provisions of laws to follow and which ones to set aside. He selects provisions of laws to toss out and you all do nothing? Why did you pass a farm bill? Could not have President Obama done that all by himself? Speaking of the farm bill did any of you consider cutting direct payments to farmers by, shall I say, 10 percent? Have you checked out the number of welfare payments made to N.D. farmers in the last decade? And are we, as a state, not number 10 on that welfare list? And you all can not find anything to cut? Or are you three on board with the president to continue on course on glide slope?

Let’s discuss Obama care. I drove to Edgeley to a then-Senator Dorgan town hall meeting. He told the audience that he would only vote for it if there were safeguards. No safeguards and he still voted for it as did Senator Conrad and Representative Pomeroy. I have not heard one word from them touting the law that they voted for and find that strange at best. I got a very long letter from Senator Heitkamp about the strengths of the law so I know she supports it even though now the Congressional Budget Office says it will mean millions of jobs disappear. I suspect the actual number of jobs lost is even greater than projected by the CBO. You might check into other projections they have made that were, shall we say, off a “tad”!!

May I ask, why are you three are in D.C.?