Frozen Fingers Festival warms up crowd

Nearly 500 people attended the 20th annual Frozen Fingers Old Time Festival on Saturday at Minot’s Sleep Inn.

Organizers Brenda Johnson from Bottineau and Floyd Borud and Karen Rath from Minot, said performers included gospel and country performers and drew people from across the area.

“It’s us,” said Borud, when asked why the music appeals to so many. “Think about it in your heart and (it’s what comes out).”

Johnson and Rath said the music also has appeal because it’s what many people in the area grew up listening to. There’s a nostalgia factor when they hear their grandmother’s favorite song performed.

Performers were of all ages. Borud said one of the young performers was about 14 and Arlon and Jan Peterson from Alamo also perform with their seven children, ages 7 to 20.

New this year are Brandt and Saylor, cloggers from the Mandan area.

Other performers Saturday included the Dakota Playboys from the New Rockford area, the Gilbertson-Qualley family from Tioga; Country Sunshine from Tioga-Powers Lake; Highway 43 from the Turtle Mountains; Walt Storey and the Dakota Rose Band and the Roe Family Singers from Kirkwood Hollow, Minn.

“We’re already planning for next year,” said Borud, who said some of the groups will probably be booked for next year by the time they leave this weekend.