Commission to decide on possible subdivision

A plat application that has already been heard twice in the Ward County Planning and Zoning Commission will come before the Ward County Commission today at its 9 a.m. meeting.

The application is for “Northrop Acres,” a 45-lot subdivision in Ward County’s Eureka Township, just north of Minot, composed primarily of two-acre lots. The application was originally for a 61-lot subdivision, but the lots were decreased to come into compliance with the county’s two-acre minimum standard for residential lots. The Planning and Zoning Commission has recommended that county commissioners deny the request.

The new 45-lot application was submitted Jan. 16 after the 61-lot application was tabled pending additional information at the December 2013 meeting. The applicants made all requested changes but had not yet conducted a traffic study for subdivision access nor developed a storm water management plan. The applicants wanted recommendation before moving into those studies.

On Feb. 11, the Eureka Township board approved the zoning change of the property contingent on the county’s approval of the subdivision.

Of further interest is that a Minot Rural Fire Department sub-station has been designed into the subdivision’s plans, which seems to please the department.

“As a volunteer fire deparment our response time would be greatly enhanced if we had the ability to position apparatus on the north end of Minot,” Chief Rex Weltikol wrote in a letter regarding the subdivion. “We highly recommend that this facility be one of the first built in this development project to ensure our ability to respond to any emergency situation that may arise and to ensure the township residence the commitment by the developer for their best interests.”

The Minot Public School District has confirmed that the land falls under its jurisdiction. The North Prairie Rural Water District has written that they should be able to serve the subdivion and the fire substation with only minor pipe changes.

Despite things seeming to slide into place on the feasability side, some residents have called in ahead of today’s meeting to speak to commissioners regarding the issue.