Vote ‘no’ on Nedrose plan

Jim Campbell, Minot

The Nedrose Public School sent us election information showing they want to increase our property taxes to pay for their $18 million expansion. This information showed they could get $10 million from the state at 1.5 percent interest and the rest from 4.5 percent bonds. These two loans paid over 30 years would cost around $900,000 per year. Their information also showed that in 2012 they paid $892,512 to send grades 9-12 to Minot. If this 2012 amount has increased slightly, they currently have more than enough to pay for this expansion and no extra money is needed from property owners. The property owners in Minot already pay the government way too much to live in their own houses. Since this increase in property taxes is unnecessary, please vote “no” on Feb. 20.