Williston State College experiencing enrollment boost

Enrollment is up at Williston State College.

The total head count stands at 891 this spring, up from 812 in the spring of 2013. It is the fourth-largest enrollment on record. The college’s full-time equivalent enrollment is up by 8.47 percent, while scheduled credit hours have also increased.

“We’re very pleased with the increase,” said Kayla McKeil, marketing director, in a press release. “The spring semester is always a tricky one for enrollment. People usually associate going back to school with the fall, but really the spring is an excellent time to start too.”

Williston State College has also seen a great increase in dual credit headcount growing from 190 last spring to 289 this spring. Dual credit is defined as a college course that high school sophomores, juniors, or seniors can take for which the individual earns both high school and college credit.