Bid put in for Hammond expansion

In the Minot Municipal Auditorium Tuesday evening for the Minot Park Board’s monthly meeting, commissioners accepted a bid at $1,542,791 submitted by Bluestone Construction for Hammond Park improvements.

Besides landscaping, the project will include the addition of new tennis courts, another playground, parking spaces, and a storage facility. Two residents of the neighborhood brought to the meeting their concerns regarding the project, including this latter feature, a 24-foot by 20-foot block structure to be located alongside Eighth Avenue Northeast on the park’s north side. In particular, they were concerned it would be an eyesore.

“We will take that into consideration going forward,” said Randy Burckhardt, Minot Parks operations manager. He explained that the decision to situate the storage facility there was logistical, being simpler to hook up to utilities and more readily accessible for usage.

“That’s kind of why we chose that location,” he added.

“It may or may not be feasible to move that at this point,” said Ron Merritt, director of parks.

Bluestone’s bid was the best of four submitted. A half-million has been allotted from the city’s community facilities fund, derived from sales taxes. Another $242,226 has been budgeted in by the park district itself. The remainder will be covered by special assessment, and after being referred to the city’s Finance Committee the project’s final approval will be left to the Minot City Council when that body meets next month.

Also agreed to was the deal reached with KLJ to draw up the paving plans for Centennial Park’s trails, after earlier this month hearing from Dan Jonasson, Minot’s public works director, regarding the future locations of the city’s flood control plan to be unrolled in the coming years. Park planners had been anxious to learn how much usage the trails would get before the building up of flood levees might disrupt them. At the special meeting Jonasson had indicated it would take at least several years before work began.

Bids for cleaning the ceiling of Maysa Arena’s west rink will also be taken shortly. The arena’s previous dehumidification system had proven ineffective, allowing condensation to collect on the ceiling and develop into mildew over time. That system was replaced earlier last summer, and the remediation project budgeted in for this year.

Maysa manager Chuck Emery expects the job should take up to two weeks, during which time public access to the rink will be disrupted during the regular week. When a bid is accepted for the work and a schedule set up, temporary hours will be made available to the public.

The park board also:

– Approved a request from the organizers of Integrity Jazz Festival to host this year’s event on June 28 in Roosevelt Park. Commissioners also allotted the $10,000 that was requested for the Arts in the Park program.

– Renewed the district’s line of credit at Bremer Bank as a contingency fund for flood recovery projects. The total amount available is $1.5 million.

– Approved a donor policy agreement for sums $5,000 and over given to the Minot Park Foundation, more formalizing terms and conditions.

– Approved new operating hours for Roosevelt Park’s public swimming pool. Beginning this year the facility will operate from noon to 5 p.m. and 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. from Monday to Thursday, and from 1 to 8 p.m. Friday through Sunday.

– Approved a rate change for the upcoming year at Souris Valley Golf Course, with roughly a three percent rise across the board.