Voters opt yes for Nedrose

Calling in with the unofficial figures, Nedrose School District superintendent Chuck Miller announced that voters approved both measures being considered Thursday.

The district had asked its residents to allow it to construct a new facility, able to accomodate up to 360 children. The design being looked at would support eight classes and cost approximately $18 million to build. Sixty-six percent voted in favor of the project, at 398 to 201.

Also considered was the measure allowing the school district to increase its allowable debt in order to pay for the project. This mill levy would cost a home assessed at $100,000 an additional $50 per year. Voters voted 386 in favor to 207 against, or 62 percent.

“We had some good community leaders that helped get our information out,” Miller said. The current school facility for Nedrose can only accomodate 315 students, with the overflow learning in portable shelters.

The superintendent expects to have an architect on board by next week, and an engineer within the month.

“We’re going to push hard and fast on this,” he said, hopeful that pupils can begin attending their new school by the fall 2015 semester.