Flood potential looks low

The latest flood potential outlook issued by the National Weather Service contains good news for areas along the Souris River, including Minot.

The most recent projections show that runoff into the Souris River Basin this spring should be minimal, with little to no chance of flooding along the river’s upper areas. The risk of flooding this spring rises for areas further downstream from Minot,

That’s certainly welcome news for flood-weary residents along the river, although the projection won’t be the last word on this year’s flood potential. As we found out in 2011, there could certainly be late spring snowstorms or spring rains that raise the risk of flood potential.

The Saskatchewan Water Security Agency will issue an updated runoff forecast early next month. The February version of that report expected runoff into the Souris River Basin to be near normal, and winter precipitation in southeast Saskatchewan is below average.

Still, the projections look promising for a quiet year flood-wise, although residents living along the river likely won’t breathe easier and stop keeping their eyes on the river levels for quite some time yet. Let’s hope the projections are right. Residents of Minot and others living along the Souris River’s route through North Dakota would certainly welcome a quiet spring.