Why does fair need space?

Barbara Bethel, Minot

I have been following the law case between Ward County Pioneer Village and the State Fair. I was wondering why the State Fair needs more space. They do not use the All Seasons Arena to its full potential.

Why should I travel to Bismarck, which I did this week, Grand Forks or Fargo to attend shows and entertainment that could quite easily be staged at the All Seasons Arena? If these professional traveling casts and troupes are coming to North Dakota why cannot they come here?

Maybe the State Fair and the MACA should work together to attract these fine entertainments to Minot.

I think most people would agree that the fair in the summer and Norsk Hostfest in the fall, with the occasional trade show, does not require more space and certainly construction of “a convention center.”

One thing that we must always remember: the State Fair grounds and the buildings there are ours. We pay taxes for the honor of having them there. Do you think you are getting your value for money, considering we pay entry fees for everthing held there?