Surrey, Velva Hunger Games

The games are on at Surrey and Velva High Schools … The Hunger Games, that is.

The student councils at both high schools are engaged in a friendly rivalry through April 4 to see which group of kids can bring in the most donated food for area food pantries. The two schools got the idea from the popular book and movie “The Hunger Games.”

“In the first week we have over 100 items just for Surrey,” said Kali Miller, the student body president at Surrey. Miller, a senior, said she isn’t sure just how many food items have been donated at Velva. The food drive started Feb. 17.

People can drop off donated items at either Surrey or Velva high school. The schools are also accepting cash donations and students at both high schools will use the donations to shop for non-perishables to add to the donations, said Miller. Donations can also be mailed to either school and should be labeled as going to the food drive.

Bonnie Pederson, the student council adviser for the Surrey students, said her kids attend school at Velva and she has noticed the “Beat the Mustangs” posters up in that school as well. The Velva kids seem to think it would be embarrassing to lose to the Surrey kids, she said, but then the Surrey kids feel the same way about losing to the Velva Aggies.

Miller said Surrey is also holding in-school competitions to keep up the momentum. The class that brings in the most items one week will win an ice cream party.

At the end of the competition, the two schools will compete at an actual Hunger Games-themed event, with different games.

“If you win a game, that will add to your total amount of items,” said Miller.

Pederson said the non-perishable food and paper items donated at Surrey will be given to Minot food pantries, while those donated in Velva will go to the Velva food pantry.