Helping out hospice

Motorcycle riders and hospice care probably seem to go together like ice cream and sardines, but on Monday morning the two groups were a pleasant pairing. The I II V Group, a social club for local motorcycle riders, donated a sum of money to Trinity’s Home Health Hospice as part of their annual giving project.

The I II V Group donated $1,800 to Trinity’s Home Health Hospice as a way of doing something nice and giving back to the community. Paul Siebert, road captain and events director for the motorcycle club, said he and the other members talked about who they would want to donate money to, decided on the hospice service and collected donations. The I II V Group, along with other motorcycle clubs, have winter parties, Siebert added, and his group went around to the gatherings and collected donations.

Siebert said the I II V Group meets regularly and has about 30 members from all walks of life. Very few, about 20 percent, he added, ride Harley-Davidson motorcycles, though. About 80 percent of the members ride other makes of motorcycles, Siebert continued. The Roman numerals of their group’s name signify the First, Second and Fifth Amendments, the parts of the U.S. Constitution that the members believe in the most.

The donations to Trinity’s Home Health Hospice garnered more donations than any other group, Siebert said. “People like to donate to this cause,” he added. “Hospice has touched so many people and we have family members who have gone through hospice.”

Terri Nelson, registered nurse and supervisor for

Trinity’s Home Health Hospice, said there are a lot of areas in hospice not covered by insurance and this donation will allow for them to provide care for patients and maintain equipment like pain pumps. “This is a big, emotionally uplifting thing these guys have done,” she added about the motorcycle group’s donation.

Hospice raised more money in donations than any other cause, Siebert said, and the group has plans to donate to Trinity’s Home Health Hospice again next year. “The overwhelming support was amazing for us and we would like to donate (to them) again.”

The I II V Group added thanks to other motorcycle clubs, as well as to V-Twin Performance and to Lois and Jim Ricks. Other large contributors in donations were The Gallows Motorcycle Club, Apathy Motorcycle Club and The Ramblers Motorcycle Club, Siebert said.

“Gifts like this energize us as staff and it’s really terrific,” Nelson added.