House fire caused by electrical problem

A house fire on the east side of a duplex home in the 800 block of Fifth Avenue Northwest at around 6 p.m. Saturday was caused by either a faulty electrical outlet or a faulty multi-outlet plug adapter used by the home’s renters, according to a fire marshal report.

The fire was called in by a neighbor, who saw smoke billowing out of a second story window of the home, and firefighters arrived on scene promptly. Police already on the scene had assured that nobody was at home before firefighters were able to put out the fire and shut off utilities to the home, according to Battalion Chief John Hocking of the Minot Fire Department.

There was someone home in the western part of the duplex and utilities were returned to that portion when firefighters confirmed that the fire had not spread into that section.

According to both the fire marshal report and the standard fire incident report, damage to the home was mainly confined to that upstairs bedroom, although there was evidence of much smoke damage to other areas of the second floor.

The occupants, a man, woman and four children, turned down assistance from the Red Cross after they had returned home from the mall because they had people who live in Minot able to care for them.