A good addition to airport?

The plans are in motion for the construction of a new terminal at the Minot International Airport. Would a three-story parking ramp be a good complement to the new terminal?

The Minot City Council’s Airport Committee this week recommended the council create an agreement with a group that would develop that idea.

A number of companies have joined with Republic Parking, which currently manages parking at the airport, to support the parking ramp idea. Under the proposal, the three-story parking structure would include space for 900 vehicles, bringing the total number of parking spaces at the airport to roughly 1,800. There are currently about 1,140 parking spaces at the airport and its surrounding overflow parking areas.

There’s still a lot of work to do before such a parking structure becomes reality, of course, but the details don’t seem to be too much to overcome. The cost of the project hasn’t been determined yet, but under the proposal, Republic Parking and GraCorp would form a new company to lease property from the city and contract with Graham Construction Services to build the structure. An agreement would be created between the city and Republic to list how parking revenues would be shared, and after 30 years, the parking structure would belong to the city. The city would have no upfront cost under the proposal.

It would be logical that if a parking structure at the airport would be built, now would be the time to build it. There are no doubt many details yet to be ironed out, but the project seems like a win-win for everyone involved.