Baseball team is busy

Michelle Bliven, Minot

February is usually a quiet month for the Dream Catchers baseball special needs players except for this February. On Feb. 12, they played floor hockey at Edison with the Minotauros, and the following Sunday they played a baseball game at the MSU dome with the Minot State University baseball players. In both games, players were teamed up with a Dream Catcher player to help them play their respective sport. After the games, group pictures were taken and both teams signed autographs for the Dream Catchers.

It is always great to contact area teams and hear their enthusiasm to participate with our organization. This was the first year working with the Minotauros and the eighth year that we have played a baseball game with the MSU players. With the success that we’ve had, both activities will be annual events for years to come. These young men who come out to play with the Dream Catchers are nothing short of amazing. The friendship and bonds that develop between all the athletes are great to see. You can’t help but be a kid no matter how old you are when you hang out with the Dream Catchers. A great time was had by all. The Dream Catchers have discovered a new favorite winter sport hockey!

The talk after the games wasn’t about how many goals were scored or how many runs the players made; it was about sharing the experience and the love of sports. It’s about young adults that have a gift in athletics spending time with kids who also have many gifts but may need a little bit of help in playing sports. The gifts that the Dream Catchers have to share with others is that of seeing their smiles, their love of life and their enthusiasm to be able to spend time with their “heroes.”

The Dream Catchers are very thankful for the willingness of the Minotauros and MSU Beaver baseball teams to step up and want to be involved in their community. They grow not only as players but as people. They are not skills that can be taught at a practice but those intangible skills that carry a person further in life. I am grateful for each one of these players who volunteers his time to make a positive difference in the lives of those they come in contact with. Thank you.